Week 1 of development

My name is Amy Tomlinson studying Digital Design at AUT.

I will be recording my journey of my studies on this blog, documenting the developments and process needed for game making.

25 Essential Blogs

25 Essential Blogs and Resources for Indie Game Developers

Being an indie game developer is exhilarating, fun, and creative. They have put together a list of favorite game developments and mobile industry blogs & resources. They touch on everything from app development and monetization, to user experience and analytics.

I will go through 3 different blogs:

Appdata blog
Scottappdata frequently upload reviews about gaming revenues, generally how well the game has performed overtime.
Seeing over Game Of War: Fire Age was very interesting, as they say is compared to Clash of Clans in many ways. This is a very popular and continues to promote their company with numerous adds popping up in our faces getting the word out.
See the Game Of War trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHskC7JRL9M

VentureBeats updates us with the latest news of gaming events and technology hitting the world by storm!
The updates they have are very interesting as it gives a vast variety of gaming information that, for example, the news wouldnt bother to post! Amazing to see and keep an eye on.
A post that concerned me was Watch Dogs becoming a movie. Seeing this is very exciting new, a must see movie in my opinion.
A very smart idea to blog about and keeping us all updated on game development and influences.

This site is a retail, news, insight and app, giving us further information about the gaming world like Venturebeat.
A great feature it has is to subscribe and be notified daily of the latest news.

25 blogs, all unique in information. Great to find a site where I can look to for a read or seeking inspiration.

On Lynda.com, http://www.lynda.com/Unreal-Engine-tutorials/Introduction/424961/437241-4.html is a tutorial introducing the Unreal Engine database in order to understand the layout and feature which we have to familiarize ourselves to create an efficient game.

Art supplies, http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2014/06/essential-art-supplies/, have suggested for us to purchase the following vital items:
1. Graphite Pencils
2. Eraser (kneaded one as well)
3. Drawing paper
4. Painting surface
5. Palette
6. Brushes
7. Paint
Going to the warehouse stationary to great these items. I agree these items are vital for creativity, colour, and physical visual ideas unable to be satisfied in-front of a computer.

The Auckland Game Developers Meetup

The Auckland Game Development Meetup

Auckland, NZ
2,356 Game Developers

See the meetup video here.We’re a group of game developers, programmers, artists, musicians, animators and game enthusiasts that meet to discuss game design and collaborate o…

Check out this Meetup Group →

This meetup is so important to join.
I have experienced these meetups before in 2015 last year. They are very informative as each week they have a different speaker and topic, after the speech, there is an open mic to invite anyone who wants to talkabout their individual game development and/or ask questions and discuss about game making or the industry.

Serious Games
Serious games.jpg

Although the current wave of “Serious Games” appears to begin in 2002, many games were designed for serious purposes before this date. Abt’s book features many earlier “Serious Games”, including some examples of computer-based games. If we stick to current definitions, any digital game that was “designed for a purpose going beyond entertainment” can be considered a Serious Game.


  1. On Wednesday, 2nd March we will attend the March-Game Developer Meetup at 18.00
  2. On Wednesday, 9th March we will visit MOTAT (14.00 – 17.00) for inspiration and to meet Indie Gamer Developers on location.

I will be quoting one paragraph from each site to conclude why nostalgia is a god thing.
psychology ot nostalgia.png

The Psychology of Video Game Nostalgia

“So why does hearing the theme music of Super Mario Bros. or catching a whiff of something that smells like an old arcade bring us out of a funk and lift our spirits when we have no way to recapture the original experience? It’s not just about the place or the thing. “On a basic level, recalling these positive memories simply puts us in a more positive mood,” continues Cordaro. “On a more complex level, recalling these experiences makes us feel a stronger sense of social connectedness with others. We’ve done some research looking at what people usually describe as a ‘typical nostalgic experience’ and find that people typically think about positive experiences in which the self is the protagonist, but they are surrounded and interacting with close others.

value of nostalgia

“nostalgia: noun, a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time.
There’s something special about diving back into a game you know and love well. It’s not unlike re-reading a beloved book or returning to a favourite childhood film. It’s a feeling of comfort, a bit like belonging.”

whats old is new again.png

“Using nostalgia in product design has long been a strategy by brands hoping to appeal to customers through emotion and sentimentality. One of the reasons nostalgia works in selling is that it elicits a pleasurable feeling, especially when a person is sad or stressed, as the nostalgic item or advertisement brings back memories of a better time. University of Cologne’s Dr. Filippo Cordaro, who is a researcher of nostalgia and consumer decision-making, says, “On a basic level, recalling these positive memories simply puts us in a more positive mood. On a more complex level, recalling these experiences makes us feel a stronger sense of social connectedness with others.”

top ten classic retro.png

Games that are well known nostalgic:
1 Mario
2 Aladdin
3 Pokemon
5 Donkey Kong
6 Sonic
7 Space Invaders
8 Tetris
9 Road Rash
10 Pac Man

game studies.png

“Students are also challenged by having to shift from treating a game as a “consumer media good” to a cultural artifact that can have embedded meaning and ideas. Playing a game as a child over countless weekends with your friends creates a strong and lasting emotional experience that is difficult to overcome. Games that have been played in the past are viewed with nostalgia, and students have to come to terms with, in Alvin’s words, “separating the memories of the good old times they had with the harsh reality that 90% of retro games are just rubbish.”

All of these websites show evidence as to why nostalgia has such a great effect on people, causing them to have a more positive experience and point of view for a game.


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